Pass on By

Pass on by
You are not worth the try
I see it in the darkness of inner eye
Tis naught but a lie.

Must we do this dance
Fate is unwilling to you entrance
To take broken chance
On such an spackled illusion of romance

Pass on by
You are not worth the try
Pretend not a damn cared or disappointed sigh
Tis naught but a lie.

A pine cannot behold nor behest
Just as smile can mask a personality less’t
A surface not in kind but in skewed jest
That passion’s wings open not but nestle tight in undisturbed rest

Pass on by
You are not worth the try
Promise any or all below, in, above the murked sky
Tis naught but a lie.

Be it the look seen when thought not seen
Blinded by the beautiful ugly not I in keen
The lines can be read that are in between
Of what will be said backed into what already has been

Pass on by
You are not worth the try
To wish a well in an adieu, farewell and goodbye
Tis naught but a lie

Coated in sugar still the center will be as bitter and tart
Coo all of phallic think to bind to a heart
Crueled in notion of such shallow start
Ergo separate, individual, we be apart

Pass on by
You are not worth the try
What never was cannot fade away and die
Tis naught but a lie

For a Yearn Interned

Behest this adivise ye for a yearn interned
Take to the marrow the unseen as experience learned
Beckon naught of who would for who should have strived
Be step to step in pace of others to saken our own in derived
Within deny the murk of night to cast down mask stoically worn
Invite not Himeras and Pothos to undress the mind’s binding adorn
To breathe to the tickle and shiver guiding thy within this feral hap’t
Let devour the mouse of inspected expect with animalistic aspect of ye born
Suckle, nuzzle, lick, and lap til all want is sap’t
With every fleshed curve and line experienced and map’t
Erefore the gnarled finger of self-accuse raises its hackle in the tangent glare of morn
And again the more shackled in others percept be trap’t
Mayhaps such sally tis best to be deprived
Never to know of the drown or to have survived
To peek out in stilted who is seeking the who could in forlorn
Sayest the coal ne’er to be charred, emberred or burned
Saved for a yearn interned

Memories of Pleasant

Sentiment set in meant
Packaged for the pick of age to nestle enfold
Stilted in skew for stunted regale
For a perceive
Frilled neat to adorn the day’s lament


A seed yellowed brightly gleamed with full promise

Sizzled in heat to explode

To gargantuan proportion

Peaks and pocks that in its white plume

Cause such ache to savour for the longest time

Only to dissolve swiftly once tasted

What was once seemed substantial but left now naught an empty husk

A disappoint in knowing that only one,

Even in its alluded puffed promise

 Could never satisfy

To be forgotten in the quick by the taste of another

You and I in a popped corn goodbye


Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty with those lil titties

Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty more the so with glitties


Summer brings farmers markets to town squares full of dither

Perchance you’ll stumble upon a man aged and steeped in wither

The stillness of his appear

Among the tussle will chance you to him steer

As in the far he looks as if his eyes beckons with a whispered plead of “come hither”

Yet close the darkness within them up your back coldness will slither.


Emanuel is the old man’s name or is said to be in many places

Always sitting in a shaded stall – never up going through a seller’s paces

Alert but looking dull with his surround behind his table

A handful of wares nary with a price or label

Looking lovingly down stead of potential buyer’s faces

At his table sparely spread with glittered sand dollar necklaces


Appreciate the baubles that leave Emmanuel beguiled

But be aware that if asked where they are from the answer is not for the mild

To him his baubles he will gather

They are to be sought than buy rather

For if truth be tell they are hardly trendy or styled

Yet fashioned are they from founts designed to nourish a child


Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty with those lil titties

Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty more the so with glitties


Town to town, time and time again

Tis but all he can do as his condition he sees as opport than bane

Emanuel is not what he would seem as

And his tastes is for the flesh of a dying motherly lass

Which most would consider much insane

But always his latest bauble lets down his memory reign


Emanuel stood between the door and her

Volatile, pert, aware – far from the half lame aged sir

He had wobbled up to her so weakly

Propositioning Annie so meekly

That a block away flashed the money that had her mind whir

In such a weak rasp “Such beauty have you” he did purr


“I apologize for the dreary and lack luster apartment -

What do you need the money for? Drugs? Food?  Rent?

Can I make you more at ease?

Or do you just wish to know what I please?

Am I your kind of gent?

Ha! But of course I am – considering the money I just spent!


Here my pet a dabble of warmth for your body in the form of rum

Odd isn’t it how it matters not where one is from

Man, woman, or those whose thoughts of themselves are inbetween

Knowing what is and what can’t be seen

All Life flows through blood and cum

To which most seek to spread to others some”


A smile steeped in sad lament drifted along the thin lipless mouth dry

“I am not most, alas” he continued longing sigh

Emanuel went quiet for a moment

As if despite his intent his body’s functions had already their energy had came and went

Patting his groin to enforce in what words belie

Then laughed “But by no means do I intend to arrest any attempt to try!”


“Come to me my little delectable one

Come to me so we can have some fun”

Emanuel took a step toward the womanly company for which he had paid

With no intent to have her an opportunity to spend the money from he she had made

Then a sidestep to block the entrance to which she could flee in a run

“Come to me so I can do what must be done”


“Hide not your beauty with such attire that highlights your highs…and your lows”

The woman felt a tightening in the pit of her stomach as the space between the two did close -

All Annie had wanted was a few dollars to breathe from the monetary stuck

What else could she do with a baby at home to make enough in a couple of hours but fuck?

“Be more that what stitch and fabric shows

Surrender all even what nobody else knows”


Emanuel wished he could play with this one for a while

Unlike most of the others her demeanor was a simpler natural style

To discover to what depths could this toy withstand

An assault upon her mind under the influence of a mind altering dose of contraband

But his need overtook his wishes to a frothing rile

He lunged towards her with surprising agile


Annie had not a chance to react to the old man’s attack

He knocked her off balance as her knees went slack

And though Annie tried with her hips to her body steady

Her coordination was not up to task and ready

Her head bounced twice off the thread bare lime carpet with a dull crack, crack

And Annie’s world turned from of shades of colour to black and back


Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty with those lil titties

Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty more the so with glitties


“Lay still!” the old man did harshly rasp just barely a whisper but Annie did not abide

Woozily she tried to roll to her side

As he tried to straddle his prey

To keep her movement at a minimum – at bay

Blood, teeth and mucus fireworked in grim display as Annie’s flesh split wide

As the heavy bottle of rum and the bottom end of her face did collide


“Hush now!” Emanuel spat at the weeping woman in venomous tone

Given his choice of temped abode it should be erred for sexual moan

He had chosen it for its rent by the hour

And the lack of interest in its activity as told by the stench of old sex sour

A sob too much might become a wailful moan

But it not…an interrupt he shant condone


Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty with those lil titties

Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty more the so with glitties


She wishes to cooperate none does she!

Well if a bitch she has decided to be

The staggered glass of the bottomless bottle he brought to the middle of Annie’s face

Shattering, strewing, gnashing until her uniqueness had been shredded to not a trace

Emanuel’s anger keened like the tip of a honed epee

I will make her understand that her master is me…ME!!!


Annie, just looking to make some quick cash

With a little nod and a flicker of her eyelash

Not a muscle nor gave a breath of defy

Still and broken beyond her life did lie

As Emanuel from his straddle to beside her did he dash

Gleefully whispering over and over “ash to ash”



With all his might around her meaty areole his teeth did become entrenched

Driven by the hunger than never quenched

for blood woven in mother’s milk;

an acrid concoction that coats his throat as if a cloak of silk

Freed from its nestled spot with merciless gnash and then wrenched

Relishing in the warmth of the moist while choking on the blood and milk his mouth in was drenched


He spit out the fleshy round as it still had some perk quickly leaving from life’s lack

Into a pickle jar half filled with shellac

Delighting in the bob and twirl that made his mind gleefully applaud and twitter

Then he pulled it out to add from his little crafter’s bag sparkle and glitter

He lets it dry for a moment on the flattened head of a belt buckle’s back

Then Emanuel placed his prize in his burgundy velveteen sack.


Sting does the bleach as he cleans his face, toes, hands, chest and armpits

Once dried and prize in hand with indifference to the room’s liquid decor tacky he splits

Though all the evidence of his deed is strewn in a large mess

Who Emanuel is and will be next gives clue even the less

So that every weekend Emanuel in a different town sits

Showing all his hand fashioned glitz


Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty with those lil titties

Pretty pretty lil kitties

Pretty pretty more the so with glitties

A cry mmm of pass – shun

Began with the thought “me oh my my my”

Of bountiful delight flesh desired compact

In scene of innocent flirt blackened

For actions the imagination hast designed

Of what lust hast upon both could be wrought


A whispish sigh

Knowing a lack of tact

Flaws reckoned

Hope in lust aligned

That a complimentary notion sought


Silent shout of “Me! Me!” Tis I!” –

Yet a react,

A look second

A flicker of want in kind

There is to be naught


That moment hast elapsed by

The distance between intact

Despite a wish to be beckoned

Paid no mind

Of attention pleading to be caught

For a Whisper Kiss’t

For a whisper kiss’t

Breathily presented by such succulent lips

Of thee I insistListen of a beat quickened within thine chest

In dalliance of this lonesomed behest –

Lend the warmth pooled between thy hips


For but A Whisper kiss’t

Of that pleasure beg thee do not forestall

An impetuous arrest of unharkened desistshivers of shrill canst pierce deep unto the night

Though when cast into the day’s aft light become contrite;

But for that moment pillowed would be the fall

If For but a whisper kiss’t

Of thee doest I upon insist


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